The Road to A New Adventure!!!Personal Training!


Personal Training has recently become my inspiration to help myself while helping others.I never would have thought at this time last year that I would have a successful 65lb weight loss today. Recently I have had the desire to utilize a tool to keep myself accountable for my goals while motivating people to take their first steps towards a new beginning. Personal Training has become that tool.

Going to the gym has always been a struggle. I didn’t know how to utilize weight training, or aerobic activities with my nutrition plan. I am Taking small steps in order to loose 86lbs to get to goal weight before I build lean muscle mass.

Why is the gym so important for me? Studies have shown that If you go to the gym frequently you are less likely to suffer from depression heart diesease and stroke. Going to the gym also allows your brain to release dopamine.(Dopamine is the chemical that makes humans happy.)Our heart is a Muscle just like the bicep that needs to be strengthen in order to stay healthy and strong. Aerobic exercise is how we push our hearts that builds strength.Proficency of the hearts electrical component becomes strengthened by the repetitive exercize. Electric shocks in the heart is the comunication that tells the heart to pump before it mechanically does so. When we workout out our hearts efficiency in the training heart rate zone strengthens the mechanical and the electrical components of the heart. Hearts function becomes better while depression is being fought do to the dopamine in our brains being released. If this world can find the cure for depression at the gym. That makes the world a happier place. Motivating people to fulfill their goals at the gym is the first step to a happier world.

How can I apply the gym to aide me closer to my health goals? I need to learn how to be a personal trainer by training myself. The gym offers me a place to loose my 86lbs while challenging my own knowledge about health and fitness. I have a unique story that I can use to help inspire people that struggle with their weight and feel hopeless to achieve fitness goals. By holding myself accountable at the gym it will only make me a better person. Studying for my personal trainer cert will teach me how to utilize the gym not only for myself but for a lot of different people that have similar struggles that I have. We are not alone in our struggles. Support is out their for all people in all walks of life. Creating support in a gym invironment is one of many ways to make people feel like family.

No matter how much I have weighed in the past.I am more concerned with who I am now.Currently I have chosen to not be a prisoner inside my own body.My decisions to take a leap of faith has made me to keep on going achieving goals that I once thought were impossible.The numbers that my scale shows will never define the love affair that I am creating for my being. The number that my scale presents my oppertunity to make decisions that will get me closer to taking strides towards loosing my next 86lbs. Each day brings me a fresh start.Every morning I make the decition to take a step forward or to take two steps back. By writing this blog it has keeper my motivated to chip away at this crazy journey.

Life isn’t given to you on a platter.We choose to be proactive in creating a life that is worth living.Our choices create a life that slips away. Keep achieving goals!! You can do it!


Relationship Anxiety? Is It Real?


I have been in a three year relationship with a loving man that challenges my being on the daily. He is a beautiful soul. He sees my imperfections as strengths. He gives me a kick in the pants when I am unsure to take a step of faith towards a new goal. He is a warrior when I am unsure of the things that want to accomplish. He shows me the way while making a sentence that states here is were ten years come in. Sometimes that makes me feel annoyed, but I know that he doesn’t mean it in a condescending way. He is just pointing out a detail. He is assertive towards goals that he will never give up.    He is a perfect catch!

So why does relaitionship anxiety exist? Is it an excuse to feel fear in a secure healthy relationship?Is this the beginning of the end? I wish I had the answers to these questions. I wish I could provide myself comfort while going through relaitionship anxiety.Questions are hard to face without concrete answers. I feel like my fears are valid, and the emotions that I feel fuel the feelings of insecurities. While my insecurities build it makes me feel unworthy to be in my relaitionship. So why does relationship anxiety exist? For me it exists because I feel like I am not good enough for my partner. I haven’t lost enough weight. I don’t contribute enough financially. I am a full time colledge student struggling through finals. My small inadequacies are making me create a false image of my strengths. I use this excuse to push my partner away by not talking about my true fears. I would not recommend doing this. Holding in anger. Holding in fear. Is not away to become a strong partner. Eventually the truth will come out in the ugliest way imaginable. That will not strengthen a relationship. The fear that I feel in my relaitionship comes from me and only me. The only way that I have learned to face into it is by journaling my feelings. Facing my past in a voulnerable way while allowing myself to feel the emotions that come with the pain. Stepping towards forgiveness while loving myself purely. Isn’t easy. It is the hardest thing that my heart has ever gone through, but the healing of letting go has been the most rewarding exsperince that I have put myself through. This has grown my ability to love myself, and take care of my needs more effectively.Girls men can’t cover all of our needs.They have imperfections as well. So I have realized that the needs that my partner can’t fulfill I have to fulfill on my own.When I felt like my relaitionship was about to end I tried to take a step back to reavaluate. It is easier said then done. I looked at my partners distance as a way of pushing me away so that he could dump me after a dinner date but his intentions were learning to love each other differently. I try to take these relationship insecurities one day at time. I try to ask myself what is really going on when I feel fear about my relationship.

Relaitionship anxiety is different for everybody. It is okay to feel the way that you do. You are not alone. Journaling has been a great tool for me to dig deeper to figure out what is driving my feelings. Is it what I am truly feeling? Is it a real concern that I should talk to my partner about?or one of the hardest questions to ask yourself. Is this relationship healthy for me? Should this Relationship end?

The answers to these questions are going to be different for everybody. The answers have helped me to continue to fight to make my relationship healthy for both me and my partner. You can’t make your relationship healthy by yourself. It has to be a group effort. No one is alone when loving somebody.Never forget to love yourself first!!!

The Season of the Cold!

When I came back from Thanksgiving a Cold hit me. I am not the best person when I am sick. I am quite winy with characteristics of being a bad patient. I dispise being sick. I hate taking medications due to the side effects. I turned into a naturalist. I have been taking Turmeric instead of cold medicine. It has helped so much. Turmeric is a great anti inflammatory with blood thinning qualities.

Before you decide to take herbs and spices do your research. Understand what interactions these herbs and spices may cause if taken with other medications. Do your homework. If you have a toxicologist in the family pick their brain.

Besides the cold. I have been struggling in my weight loss journey. It is so hard to enter the 190’s but I am not giving up. During the winter months it is a huge challenge to loose weight during the season of Thanksgiving Christmas. I will prevail through the challenge. The one thing that is the most important to remember during challenging times is that we are never alone in a journey.

The journey could be weight loss, recovery, transplant, or emotional trauma. No matter what the journey is someone has gone through it before. Someone is willing to go through your journey with you. We also need to remember that people are imperfect. When you find that partner that is willing to support you in a journey don’t take them for granted. Exspecting a journey partner to do the work for you will only make you not achieve your fullest potential. You can do it!!! You can become your best self with each step we take.


Thanksgiving Connects Stories!!

My Thanksgiving week was full of traveling. My extended family rented an RV in Salt Lake City Utah.We drove to The City Of Rocks in Alamo Idaho to camp Monday night.Tuesday Morning we took a two mile hike to explore these beautiful Granite formations. It is so humbling to be with people that I love during these special adventures. These formations are perfect for bouldering. My uncle and I bouldered up some of these Rock formations to gain a different perspective of the land scape. Boy was it breath taking.


These Photos are From the City of Rocks.

After exsperiencing the beauty in this place. We continued the journey to Sun Valley Idaho. I call this place home away from home. This small ski town has a beating heart, and the ability to make a broken soul feel whole. Sun valley Idaho Is not just a world class Ski resort it is also a place that attracts all people from all walks of life to experience the beauty of the Sawtooths. The culture that flies into this town has influenced the world.

Ernest Hemingway is one of many of the locals that once walked the streets. His writings has challenged the perspective of many intellectuals in the present and will continue to challenge the intellects of the future.

Clint eastwood Is another highly respected local that continues to shine his talents  to every soul that is blessed to exsperience his presence.

My lovely sister is a cocktail waitress at the pioneer in Ketchum. This restaurant is the best place for drinks as well as a delicious steak. During the Thanksgiving Holiday I had the pleasure to see my sister, and tell her how much I love her. We never know when our last moment will be with someone. Make each interaction with someone count. I love all my siblings. My sister has a special place in my heart to love. The connection that a sisters have cant be described it only can be felt. It is almost like a love affair that never stops beating love and support.

Last minute my mom came up to see me.I haven’t seen my mom in awhile so it brought enormous fulfillment to me to be able to be apart of building new memories. We totaly had a girl mini vacation that brought my Thanksgiving whole.

My next journey brought me from sun valley to Swan valley Idaho. Swan Valley is quite close to West YellowStone. This small town of 260 people has a beautiful perspective of the Targee National forest.

My other Uncle lives on 80 acres that brings the feeling of family that much closer.There is something special in having ThanksGiving in a barn. Making fresh food together in a small kitchen brings the girls in the family that much closer. By the time the food reached the barn it was time for the lion pride to enjoy the feast.

While my family eats the food that was made the real magic begins. The stories take place. The pealing of the outer shell happens. We learn from one another. This is what ThanksGiving is all about. Taking the time to hear peoples stories is a powerful moment.