Cashiering towards a new self! 

I recently took a huge leap and received an opportunity to work as a cashier at a whole food grocery store. Doing something that I have never done before has given me a new sense of self. 

This opportunity is teaching me vitamins herbs and supplements on a more natural level. I am so excited for my new leap that I hope will get me closer to being able to financially fun my new desires. 

With this experience I have gone through a season of doubt and fear! The fear of becoming by best self. Doubting my ability to step into the new dimension that I see my self living in. Are there anyone else out there afraid of their best self? 

My weight has gone up, down and stagnated. My critical thoughts keep seeping in. Today is the start of a new year. New steps towards a better me. A new opportunity to continually work hard at the journey of perfecting my weaknesses to forge strengths. 

While I am sitting here in a dark empty room my mind is quite. My heart is overflowing with joy, and I cant be over focused on the things that sadden me. It is time to turn sad things into joy and hottiness into humility. 

Everyone is on a journey! Everyone struggles in sadness,loneliness and emptyness!!that is how leaders are perfected! Power wemon exist! Time to stand for love! Time to be loving and nurture those that feel acward to go the extra mile!!!! Those are probably the people that need love the most!