The Final Reboot Redo!!!

        The Reboot Journey has been an up and down struggle! I have taken primary steps to become in the best mind set to take small steps to Reboot my mind body and spirit! I didn’t realize how intertwined the mind is with the body. I allowed my fears to dictate my decisions to become comfortable with my personal weaknesses. I bought into  the sales pitch of my weaknesses being my best potential.          

      Healthy food plenty of water and time for self love is the key recipe to focus on being the best to my body. Healing my body has been a huge benefit to heal my mind as well. 

    Drinking fresh juice 24/7 gives me an avenue to take leaps of faith to make hard decisions to gain closer access to my highest potential.  

By writing this post I have chosen to not be enslaved by my fears. I have chosen freedom by taking this leap of faith!!! 

Support makes this journey a little less hard!!! Comments advise or people needing support this is for you!!!!!

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