The Road to A New Adventure!!!Personal Training!


Personal Training has recently become my inspiration to help myself while helping others.I never would have thought at this time last year that I would have a successful 65lb weight loss today. Recently I have had the desire to utilize a tool to keep myself accountable for my goals while motivating people to take their first steps towards a new beginning. Personal Training has become that tool.

Going to the gym has always been a struggle. I didn’t know how to utilize weight training, or aerobic activities with my nutrition plan. I am Taking small steps in order to loose 86lbs to get to goal weight before I build lean muscle mass.

Why is the gym so important for me? Studies have shown that If you go to the gym frequently you are less likely to suffer from depression heart diesease and stroke. Going to the gym also allows your brain to release dopamine.(Dopamine is the chemical that makes humans happy.)Our heart is a Muscle just like the bicep that needs to be strengthen in order to stay healthy and strong. Aerobic exercise is how we push our hearts that builds strength.Proficency of the hearts electrical component becomes strengthened by the repetitive exercize. Electric shocks in the heart is the comunication that tells the heart to pump before it mechanically does so. When we workout out our hearts efficiency in the training heart rate zone strengthens the mechanical and the electrical components of the heart. Hearts function becomes better while depression is being fought do to the dopamine in our brains being released. If this world can find the cure for depression at the gym. That makes the world a happier place. Motivating people to fulfill their goals at the gym is the first step to a happier world.

How can I apply the gym to aide me closer to my health goals? I need to learn how to be a personal trainer by training myself. The gym offers me a place to loose my 86lbs while challenging my own knowledge about health and fitness. I have a unique story that I can use to help inspire people that struggle with their weight and feel hopeless to achieve fitness goals. By holding myself accountable at the gym it will only make me a better person. Studying for my personal trainer cert will teach me how to utilize the gym not only for myself but for a lot of different people that have similar struggles that I have. We are not alone in our struggles. Support is out their for all people in all walks of life. Creating support in a gym invironment is one of many ways to make people feel like family.

No matter how much I have weighed in the past.I am more concerned with who I am now.Currently I have chosen to not be a prisoner inside my own body.My decisions to take a leap of faith has made me to keep on going achieving goals that I once thought were impossible.The numbers that my scale shows will never define the love affair that I am creating for my being. The number that my scale presents my oppertunity to make decisions that will get me closer to taking strides towards loosing my next 86lbs. Each day brings me a fresh start.Every morning I make the decition to take a step forward or to take two steps back. By writing this blog it has keeper my motivated to chip away at this crazy journey.

Life isn’t given to you on a platter.We choose to be proactive in creating a life that is worth living.Our choices create a life that slips away. Keep achieving goals!! You can do it!


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